Commercialization the core technology

  • Target

    To industrialize and commercialize nanogenerators and sensing technology.

  • Strategy

    Established strategic long-term cooperation with well-known companies, Newnagy is in the leading position of the industry .

  • Model

    Integrating the product development, production and marketing for the technology and application of nanogenerators and micro energy storage.

  • Core

    Newnagy hold all commercial rights of the fundamental patents on the technology and application of nanogenerator, as well as the“ know how ”of production of nanogenerators.

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Lead The Market Create The Future

  • Technology

  • Talent

  • Policy

  • IPR

Core Technology
i)Nanogenerator micro energy harvesting technology  ii) Nano self-powered sensing technology  iii) Micro energy storage technology
The smallest generator in the world.
Energy sources are everywhere, makes human a generator.
Self powered sensors are everywhere, any mechanical energy carried objects can be a signal source.
The basic concept in physics - converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Talent advantage

Employee's degree structure——master degree, doctor degree or above accounts for more than 83% of the total number, among them researchers accounts for 93%.

Industrial policy advantage

i) Counselors' Office of the State Council organized special investigations for many times, and submited the research report. Main leaders of Nation and the State Council paid high attention to the nanogenerator technology and made many instructions.

ii) Xinhua news agency had special interviews with Newnagy about nanogenerator technology, and submited a special report, got attention and instructions from the State Council leaders.

iii) Xinhua news agency issued releases many times to report the achievements of Newnagy.

ⅳ) Counselors' Office of the State Council continued tracking the development of Newnagy, and be willing to promote further support.

Intellectual Properties

Company provides funds for Georgia Institute of Technology and has exclusive access to the global, transferable and sub-licensable business authorized rights of the basic patents and the pending, which are all about nanogenerator technology and application.

Business planning of Newnagy

Lead The Market Create The Future

  • Phys-Monitoring Sensing Belt

    Smart Wearable Device:Measurement of sleep quality, breath and heart rate. Health Care :Medical device for seniors and children

  • Self-Powered Luminous Shoes

    Use triboelectric nanogenerator to collect the mechanical energy ,corresponding functional shoes and others were produced.

  • E-cigarette Pneumatic sensor

    Electronic Cigarette switch E-cigarette Pneumatic Sensor

  • Nano Self-Powered Anti-Counterfeiting Product

    Anti-counterfeiting device for wine bottle Drug/ Cosmetics counterfeiting-proof Labels for logistics field

  • Pressure Sensing Cable

    Smart Traffic Management:Car Classification, Speed monitoring
    Parking Zone Management:Car recognition...Area Security:Prison cell monitoring,boarder monitoring.


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